“Empowering Dreams, Expanding Horizons, Enriching Filipino lives thru International Education”

Over the years, there have been talks among International Education Consultants in the Philippines to form an association that aims to give Filipino International Education Consultants a voice to represent and protect the industry. Moreso that the industry has encountered challenges brought by the COVID pandemic, we now recognize the need to unite.

It is our honor to introduce, the International Education Consultants Alliance of the Philippines (IECAP).

The founding members are composed of RCIC, MARA, NZIA, ENZRA, and International Education consultancy agencies that have been operating for more than five (5) years and have established their names in the field.


Our mission is to promote and enhance the quality and accessibility of international education opportunities for Filipinos. We achieve this by fostering collaboration among our members, sharing expertise, and adhering to the highest ethical standards. Our primary goal is to empower individuals to pursue transformative international educational experiences that broaden their horizons, expand their knowledge, and contribute to their personal and professional growth.


Our vision is to be the trusted and leading authority in international education consultancy in the Philippines. We envision a future where every Filipino has equitable access to world-class educational opportunities across the globe. By advocating for excellence, promoting ethical practices, and cultivating strong partnerships, we aim to shape a generation of globally minded individuals who make meaningful contributions to society. Through our collective efforts, we strive to build a stronger and more globally competitive Philippines.

Founding Members

Apol E. Apuntar

Position: General Manager
Company: Gateway to Canada (Proactive Immigration Advisers Corp)

Gateway to Canada, led by Mr. Apol Apuntar, is a consortium of immigration service providers specializing in delivering a comprehensive range of services tailored to address the diverse needs of individuals seeking visa applications for Canada. Our array of services encompasses assistance with visa applications, support for school admissions, landing services, financial planning, provision of insurance, and investment guidance.

With an outstanding team of seasoned professionals, Gateway to Canada ensures unwavering support and guidance for our esteemed clients throughout the immigration process and their settlement in Canada. Mr. Apol Apuntar brings extensive experience in Canadian visa processing, dating back to 1998 when he joined Canadian Immigration Consultancy. Presently, he is based in Mississauga, Ontario, overseeing our operations and ensuring excellence in service delivery.

Apol E. Apuntar

General Manager

Gateway to Canada (Proactive Immigration Advisers Corp)

Bertch Ian Namuag-Ranis, RN, MSc

Position: Managing Director and Chairman of the Board
Company: Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation

Bertch is the forward-thinking visionary at the helm of Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation. With an unwavering passion for innovation and a keen strategic mindset, he drives the company to new heights, transforming ideas into reality and inspiring a culture of excellence.

Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation is a reputable company that specializes in offering comprehensive study and work abroad programs, enabling individuals to explore opportunities in popular destinations such as the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, thereby facilitating international education and career growth for Filipinos.

Bertch Ian Namuag-Ranis, RN, MSc

Managing Director and Chairman of the Board

Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation

Noli and Edelvina Neri

Position: Owners and Founders
Company: A‭ustralian‭ ‬‬Link ‭‬V‭isa ‭Assistance Plus‬, Inc.

Established  in  2010  in  Cagayan  de  Oro  City,  (ALVA) Australian  Link  Visa  Assistance Plus,  Inc.    is  now  recognized  as  one  of  the  leading  educational consultancy firms in the Philippines. Having been in the industry for 13 years, the  company  was  awarded  Best  Leading  Visa  Assistance  and Consultancy Firm by Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence in 2022.

Currently,  ALVA  PLUS  INC.  has  7 branches:  Makati  as  its  headquarters, Cagayan  de  Oro,  the  main  branch,  while  Cebu,  RIzal,  Batangas, Dumaguete and Pampanga as regional branches.

Noli and Edelvina Neri

Owners and Founders

A‭ustralian‭ ‬‬Link ‭‬V‭isa ‭Assistance Plus‬, Inc.

Michelle M. Belludo

Position: CEO
Company: InterAsia Migration Documentation Services, Inc

InterAsia Migration Documentation Services, Inc  has been in the education industry for 13 years. We are serving individuals who aspire and wish to study abroad. Our main concern is the welfare and future of our students/applicants. As for us, their FUTURE matters.

InterAsia strives to be the best in our field when it comes to giving advice and suggest the best educational pathway  that each student may take. We employ people who are dedicated, trustworthy and with a high motivational skill factor. They are the one who motivates students that everything is possible when you BELIEVE.

Michelle M. Belludo


InterAsia Migration Documentation Services, Inc

Atty. Mariano P. Carlota Jr.

Position: Immigration Lawyer / Agent
Company: Migration AUS-NZ Global

Migration AUS-NZ Global assists all Migrants to Study, Live & Work Downunder. Migration AUS-NZ Global have many migration options to offer and we are here to assist students, migrants, skilled workers, including employment arrangements and settlement.

We help our clients obtain entry under different types of Visa classes, such as: Permanent entry visas, including applications under the Humanitarian and Protection program, Work visas, Temporary entry visas and student visas, Visitor visas and Business visas. We also handle Review matters with the Tribunals and Higher Courts.

Atty. Mariano P. Carlota Jr.

Immigration Lawyer / Agent

Migration AUS-NZ Global

Joel M. Angon

Position: Owner/Licensed Immigration Adviser of New Zealand - (License number 201000080)
Company: GSIC - Golden Summit International Consultancy, Inc (GSIC)

GSIC – Golden Summit International Consultancy, Incorporated (GSIC) was established in 2004, focused and dynamic immigration consultancy firm based in the Philippines specializing in helping Filipino professionals who wish to immigrate to New Zealand.

Mr. Joel M. Angon is one of the only five(5) Licensed Immigration Advisers of New Zealand based in the Philippines.

GSIC has ten(10) offices — North/Central Luzon, Manila, Cavite, Cebu City, Dumaguete, Iloilo, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro, Davao and General Santos. These satellite offices give the company a full reach of the entire Philippine archipelago

Joel M. Angon

Owner/Licensed Immigration Adviser of New Zealand - (License number 201000080)

GSIC - Golden Summit International Consultancy, Inc (GSIC)

Minnie Brillante Nullar

Position: Position Managing Director/Co-owner
Company: Brillante Travel & Study Programs Int'l

BTS is a licensed travel agency of Philippine Department of Tourism that caters travel services like passporting, air ticketing, hotel booking, your packages and different visa applications  We are also considered education agent/consultancy of different schools from Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Since 2015, we are working as education consultancy of selected schools in Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand.  We do school orientation, program counselling, enrollment requirements.  We also process students’ visa application and follow-ups.  Brillante Travel is committed to serve legally and ethically to all.

Minnie Brillante Nullar

Position Managing Director/Co-owner

Brillante Travel & Study Programs Int'l

Mary Grace T. Batocabe

Position: Managing Director
Company: Outbound Education and Internships, Inc.

Outbound Education and Internships, Inc., is composed of highly motivated and dedicated people with solid background in education and skills training, human resources administration and development as well as events and travel management. Our services ranges from study abroad to internship abroad programs.

We have partnerships with various schools, colleges and universities abroad and tie-ups and other innovative arrangements with leading multi-national brands in the hospitality, travel and technology industries. These networks provide our clients the unique opportunity to acquire world-class training in a multi-cultural environment while earning and making themselves highly marketable and competitive in the global labor market.

Mary Grace T. Batocabe

Managing Director

Outbound Education and Internships, Inc.

Catherine M. Altarejos

Position: CEO
Company: World Connect

Ms. Catherine Altarejos is a graduate of BSBA in Management and has a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship from Ateneo Graduate School of Business in Rockwell, Makati. She is a nurse by profession. She was awarded the Halyao Outstanding Young Bicolano Entrepreneur Award (2017) by the Metro Naga Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She is a Recognized NZ Education Agency (ENZRA) and a member of the Philippine NZ Business Council.

She founded WorldConnect Consultancy Services Inc. in 2007 with a dream of a young professional who, along with millions of others became part of what is now the Filipino diaspora, braved life abroad in search of a better future. She recognized the value and payoff of a good education coupled with the fact that Filipinos are arguably among the hardest working people in the World

WORLDCONNECT has 12 branches in the Philippines and 2 International Offices

Catherine M. Altarejos


World Connect

Glendale B. Bongcaron

Position: Owner/RCIC
Company: Can-International Immigration Consultancy

Can –International Immigration Consultancy was established in December 2019 by Glendale Bongcaron, a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. We are a Sole proprietorship registered in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada and in the Philippines.

We are an effective provider of Canadian Immigration Services. Can-International Immigration Consultancy is dedicated to provide accurate, results-oriented, and personalized immigration assistance to its clients.

We pride ourselves with our clients unsolicited promotion regarding our services and high success rate on visa application.

Glendale B. Bongcaron


Can-International Immigration Consultancy

Charity Mae Z. Delmo

Position: Founder and President
Company: Ideal Visa Consultancy

Established in 2014, Ideal Visa Consultancy (IVC) is a Philippine-based firm run by an experienced International Education Consultant & Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Charity Delmo. The firm is duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under the Business Name Ideal Visa Consultancy, OPC.

We commit to providing detailed and up-to-date information on concerns related to visa processing for entry to Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the US. Our personalized assessment of each individual’s application reflects our commitment to presenting a clear-cut understanding of the policies and guidelines currently set by the Assessing Authorities. We value our clients in the same way we value our company while embracing our success philosophy – to dare to be the best as we provide top-notch immigration solution that is mutually beneficial for our valued clients and for our company., Laguna, Davao and  are opening soon in Manila and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Charity Mae Z. Delmo

Founder and President

Ideal Visa Consultancy

Leah Fe Balucan Ybanez

Position: Founder and CEO
Company: Four Seasons Immigration and Study Services

Leah is a highly experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and the esteemed CEO of Four Seasons Immigration and Study Services, a successful lady-driven company that she founded. With a strong foundation in Canadian immigration law since 2011, Leah has a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in navigating the immigration process.

Passionate about empowering aspiring Filipinos, Leah actively collaborates with various local agencies in the Philippines as the Chief Immigration Consultant. Through her advocacy, she aims to educate individuals about the value of international education in Canada and guide them through the immigration process in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

Leah Fe Balucan Ybanez

Founder and CEO

Four Seasons Immigration and Study Services

Ben Ryan B. Ybanez

Position: Founder and CEO
Company: Wise Immigration and Study Services

He is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Engineer, and successful Entrepreneur. With over decade of experience running his own education and immigration company in the Philippines and in Canada, he has become a trusted figure in the industry. Known as ‘Mr Wise Guy’ derived from his company name, he is recognized as Canada Education Specialist, facilitating partnerships with almost every Canadian public colleges and universities while consistently being among the top 5 producers of Filipino International Students to Canada.

About his company Wise, they are dedicated to empowering individuals with comprehensive immigration and educational solutions. With their expertise, personalized approach, and a vast network of trusted partners, they provide tailored guidance to help clients navigate the complexities of immigration processes and achieve their educational aspirations abroad. Their commitment to excellence and client satisfaction sets them apart, making them the wise choice for all immigration and study needs.

Ben Ryan B. Ybanez

Founder and CEO

Wise Immigration and Study Services

Wilfredo M. Natividad

Position: Owner/Registered Migration Agent 0962138 in Australia
Company: ACN Southern Immigration and Education Services

Established in 2005, ACN Southern Immigration and Education Services (ACN) had been helping skilled professionals to immigrate in Australia under its General Skilled Migration Program. ACN is also counselling students wanting to advance their qualifications or career in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Mr.  Wilfredo Natividad, is a Registered Migration Agent ( Number 0962138) in Australia and ICEF Qualified Education Agent Counsellor QEAC # E090 – 2009-04-09.

ACN Southern Immigration and Education Services  has offices in Makati, Quezon City, Angeles, Baguio, Cabanatuan, Gapan and Santiago.

Wilfredo M. Natividad

Owner/Registered Migration Agent 0962138 in Australia

ACN Southern Immigration and Education Services

Elma Perello Lagamson

Position: President and Founder
Company: Convergence Documentation Services

CONVERGENCE started operations June 2003 under the name CONVERGENCE Immigration and Business Solutions, Inc. January, 2013, in compliance with some Australian policy, we changed the name of the company to CONVERGENCE Documentation Services servicing international students bound for Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other emerging countries as study destinations.

To date CONVERGENCE was able to send hundreds of Filipino students with different faculties of learning. The company is composed of a team who are industry experts with diversified years of experience in different fields of expertise and technically trained staff who can efficiently meet the challenges of their jobs.

The mission and vision of Convergence is grounded in its integrity, honesty, transparency, efficient service and outstanding competencies in the international education industry. To maintain leadership in the market, CONVERGENCE is an ICEF Agency since 2008 and for exemplary performance, CONVERGENCE is a recipient of different awards and citations provided by different education providers.

Elma Perello Lagamson

President and Founder

Convergence Documentation Services

Jocelyn B. Catampo

Position: Chief Executive

Doctor of Dental Medicine by profession, Doc Joy started the company in 2011, an Interna5onal Educa5on Provider, is a world-class consultancy firm for students, who want to study abroad, and assist them in finding a good and
credible University that would help lay the founda5on for these students, to help them achieve that level of professionalism that will make them an asset to any firm, in any country of their choice, our consultancy firm backed by a team of
experts who have complete knowledge on overseas educa5onal system and solid background on interna5onal recruitment, understanding an individual’s desire to move on to greener pastures.
Currently an Employment Counsellor of Fil-overseas Employment Services under Guardian Healthcare Providers USA, since 2004. In charge to facilitate and ensure assistance is provided for nurses and appropriate partnership with Hospitals, Schools and Employers.

Jocelyn B. Catampo

Chief Executive

Doc Joy Documentation and Consultancy Services